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Proletarian issue 54 (June 2013)
Syria will not kneel down!
Israel’s aggression won’t shake the steadfastness of the Syrian nation’s will. The following statement was issued on 5 May by the Syrian Communist Party (Bagdache).
On the night of 4-5 May 2013, sites in the countryside near the Syrian capital Damascus were targeted by the zionist enemy. The main goal of these attacks was to support the enemies of the Syrian homeland, who are retreating in the face of the courageous Syrian Arab Army, and to raise the morale of the gangsters.

The criminal aggression of the zionists is further evidence of the clear truth that the armed gangs in Syria are beasts, flocking to carry out the will of the worldwide gangsters – the imperialists, the zionists and their dirty pimps, including the kingdoms and sheikhdoms of the Gulf, and Turkey, the agent of Nato.

Recent experience demonstrates that the Syrian people’s patriotism is deeply rooted, and that they are unified in the face of external imperialist aggression. No compromise with the imperialists and their agents! No dialogue with the homeland’s enemies, who carry out the imperialists’ will!

In this great national battle, we confirm that our people will be steadfast, regardless of painful or big losses, just as were the people of Vietnam, of Iraq, and of the Lebanese national resistance. These peoples fought against the huge imperialist war machine – that so-called invincible power – and defeated it through their popular resistance.

Such experiences teach us that victory is won when a people proclaims: It is better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees! The Syrians are such a people.

We say with free people in our homeland and all over the world: Together we will win; Syria will not kneel down!
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