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Proletarian issue 51 (December 2012)
Poem: Postgraduate Defending Her Lament
by Rhiannon Owens
I'm sorry that it seemed to thee,

that I was drowning in apathy.

It’s true that work of a voluntary kind,

feeds the heart – social action/political study the mind,

but being working class in a capitalist system, I do require some money,

to live my life, reduce anxiety, and ease loved ones’ worry.

Don't think I'm not up for the challenge please,

I do not do this to appease.

To pay my debts I need some cash,

Capitalism will take a little time to smash,

but work to live,

don't live to work ...

society's imposed values are berserk!

We'll make change happen,

please don't lose heart,

this system is tearing itself apart.

We can work, but study and also fight,

balance is the key to making things right.

Equality and freedom in all forms,

Socialism marches into Communism,

and a brighter, inevitable new dawn.

Power lies in our collective might.

Not apathy! – I look and strive towards the light.
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