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Proletarian issue 49 (August 2012)
Godfrey Cremer: condolences from Chinese embassy
The message below was received on 12 May 2012 from a comrade at the Chinese embassy who was at the last minute prevented from attending the memorial meeting for Comrade Godfrey Cremer, founding and central committee member of the CPGB-ML. (See ‘Rembering Comrade Godfrey Cremer’ Proletarian, June 2012 and ‘Memorial meeting for Comrade Godfrey Cremer, Lalkar, July 2012, for details of the meeting)
I'm sorry that I may not be there with you today. I'm still at the office with an urgent task, which I thought I could have finished by now.

I'm really sorry for the loss of Comrade Godfrey Cremer. Here, I'd like to send our deepest condolence and sympathies to his family and all the comrades that once worked and fought together with him. Our thoughts are with you.


Wang Wei

Third Secretary, Chinese Embassy in UK

(Editors’ note: Comrade Wang Wei represents the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at the Chinese embassy.)
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