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Proletarian issue 47 (April 2012)
Letter to Amnesty USA from an anti-war activist
The following was written in response to an Amnesty email regarding the arrest of George Clooney on a demonstration against the Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.
Yes Amnesty USA

We will “Tell the United Nations that as long as war crimes suspects are on the loose, civilians will continue to be at grave risk.

In Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Africa ... everywhere there are resources to be found and people in the way.

We will tell them that war criminals Tony Blair, George Bush, Barak Obama, Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu et al seem to have eluded the radar of the International Criminal Court (ICC) despite having been collectively responsible for aggressive, immoral, illegal and violent wars in several countries, resulting in the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of nations, infrastructure and thousands of homes with terrible consequences (which they considered “worth it”), displacement of many millions of refugees and the steady erosion of the very substance of the rule of law.

This they have done on the basis of gross and shameful lies in the interests of amassing personal fortunes and incomprehensible fortunes for private companies – arms manufacturers, oil companies, security companies (aka private mercenary armies) and so on.

This ICC, which has been carefully defined and crafted to exempt the United States and the above-mentioned crime of aggressive war (the crime that embodies all of the crimes of war – so readily ascribed to the above-mentioned war criminals) has drifted, danced and pirouetted to the tune of US expectation; to this rogue state that remains to this day a non-member yet asserts itself as the world enforcer on the principle of ‘might is right’ and demands exemption from its jurisdiction to such a degree that the ICC has become yet another tool in the array of insidious devices of the imperial American empire.

So go on Amnesty International, parade your celebrated movie stars and sometime ‘activists’ in the name of catching ‘bad guys’ – but we are not stupid – we are watching.

AJ, London

Victory for Sudanese president is slap in the face of imperialism
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