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Proletarian issue 45 (December 2011)
Solidarity from a Turkish prison cell
Proletarian was recently honoured and humbled to receive a letter from a Turkish political prisoner. In printing excerpts from the letter below, we take this opportunity to salute and send solidarity greetings to all our comrades in Turkish prisons, and all those incarcerated by reactionary regimes around the world, and wish them every success in their struggles for liberty, democracy, national liberation and socialism.

I’m a socialist captive in a F type prison in Izmir in Turkey. First of all, I want to greet your struggle for socialism from my cell, which doesn’t daunt us and will never daunt us.

Your magazine, the Proletarian, comes here regularly. Thank you so much for that. I must say that it’s of great importance that you raise the red flag of the struggle for equality, freedom and a world without classes and exploitation in the fortress of imperialist capitalism.

I wish you success in your struggle.

There is no withdrawal, socialism will win!

Long live revolution and socialism!

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