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Proletarian issue 42 (June 2011)
Bursaries established to help Palestinians study in Bristol
Over the course of the past few months, the Free Palestine group at the University of the West of England (UWE), including some members of the CPGB-ML, have been involved in raising £5,000 towards a £45,000 bursary for a Gazan student to come and study at UWE.

Once this portion of the money had been raised by donors, the university agreed to fund the rest of the scholarship. Such causes are vitally important, even if they are only able to slightly alleviate the suffering of a few Palestinian individuals, who would otherwise endure the conditions placed upon them by the illegal Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip and suffer from the consequent removal of their right to education.

We are pleased to announce that this endeavour, known as a Conflict Zone Bursary, has been completed. Efforts are now underway to provide another, similar bursary to another Palestinian student, who will, like his/her predecessor, be able to travel to the UK and study at UWE if £5,000 of the £45,000 is raised by donors.

Those who are able are asked to donate to the Conflict Zone Bursary at the following link:

You can follow the fundraisers’ progress at
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