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Proletarian issue 4 (February 2005)
Israeli land grab
The latest attempts by zionism to make any future Palestinian state a practical impossibility are as doomed to failure as their former attempts to bury the resistance altogether.
As we go to press, reports have emerged that Israel has been seizing land in East Jerusalem owned by Palestinians residing in the West Bank, allegedly in accordance with a law on absentee landlords passed in 1950 (the purpose of which was to steal land that been left by Palestinians fleeing the Israeli gangs in 1948) and not used for decades.

The land seized has been continually cultivated by West Bank Palestinians up until the present.

East Jerusalem is considered occupied territory under international law, and is claimed by the Palestinian people as the capital of their future state. It is perfectly clear that Israel, realising the ultimate inevitability of Palestinian statehood, is engaged in a land grab, attempting to deny the Palestinians a right to any part of their historic capital.

Considering that ceasefire talks are currently underway in Gaza, this is an incredibly provocative move by Israel, quite possibly designed to provoke a reaction from the Palestinians in order that Israel can demonstrate that the Palestinians are ‘not ready for peace’.

Whether or not this is a deliberate provocation and stalling tactic, nothing can stop the forward march of history. The heroic Palestinian people have demonstrated that they cannot be defeated, and that they will win their state.
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