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Proletarian issue 35 (April 2010)
Marx honoured in graveside ceremony
On 14 March, the death of Karl Marx was commemorated at his grave in Highgate Cemetery. The annual ceremony was organised by the Marx Memorial Library and the trustees of the grave.

Among those present were the new Chinese ambassador, Comrade Liu Xiaoming, who laid a bouquet of flowers, together with a large group of diplomats from the Chinese embassy; Comrade Jang Song Chol of the embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; and representatives of the Cuban and Vietnamese embassies. An oration was delivered by Alex Gordon, President of the RMT trade union.

A Central Committee delegation of the CPGB-ML also attended and Comrade Steve Cook laid a bouquet on behalf of the party.

This ceremony was followed by an address from the Chinese ambassador to his staff, followed by singing of the Internationale in Chinese and English.

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