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Proletarian issue 4 (February 2005)
Report: Swedish KPMLr congress
On 6-8 January 2005, the CPGB-ML sent a fraternal delegation to the 14th congress of the KPMLr - the Communist Party Marxist Leninist (Revolutionary) of Sweden. The sessions took place in a hall in the industrial port of Gothenburg and, as well as being invited to attend and address the congress, international delegates were entertained at a special dinner in the party’s sports club. (The KPMLr has its own football team, which competes in the Swedish league.)

The congress was characterised by a hardworking yet comradely atmosphere and delegates discussed a wide range of work in which their party is involved, from Cuba and Western Sahara solidarity work to the anti-war movement, work in communities and factories, paper sales and other educational activities.

The party’s youth organisation, RKU (Revolutionary Communist Youth), is currently bearing the brunt of the rising tide of anti-communism in Sweden. The government has declared RKU to be an ‘undemocratic’ organisation, which means it will lose the state funding all political parties in the country are entitled to. Although this may mean losing one of their paid workers, the youth are determined not to allow this difficulty to interfere with their work. At the elections, several central committee members stepped down in order that younger people could take their place – the KPMLr places great emphasis on the importance of training up tomorrow’s working-class leaders.

One piece of business at the congress will be of particular interest to our readers. The party took a decision to change its name from KPMLr to simply KP (Communist Party of Sweden). There was much debate over this item, with many arguments put for both sides, but in the end the congress voted in favour of the change by a narrow majority. It is worth noting that the Swedish comrades were in a position to have this debate because 40 years’ dedication to the principles of Marxism Leninism have enabled them to see off all the rival claimants to the title of Communist Party.

The congress closed with a party, which took place in the KPMLr’s headquarters, a large building in central Gothenburg that is fully owned by the party and contains, as well as a book shop, meeting rooms, function rooms and offices, a fantastic printing press on which all party literature is produced.

The CPGB-ML would like to thank the Swedish comrades most sincerely for their generous hospitality to our delegates. We also thank them for their support for our fledgling party – the KPMLr was among the first parties abroad to recognise us and request that fraternal relations be established. We hope, by our dedication to Marxist-Leninist theory and practice, to show that their confidence has been well founded.

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