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Proletarian issue 80 (October 2017)
Poem: You’re A Comrade Still
by Rhiannon Owens-Sullivan
If you can cast off the chains of doubt,
and leave past mistakes behind,
not let your heart rule your head,
discipline your body and your mind.
You must think, not only feel
to strike a fine balance.
Together we will move forward,
united by our party stance.

If you are an individual
but never individualistic,
then you’re a comrade still!

If once you may have faltered
but have reconciled,
look to the tasks ahead,
then we will draw a line,
share our work and split our bread,
because you’re a comrade of mine
and together we raise our flag of red!

Some may try to censor you,
because you’re a comrade still.
There are many “false friends”,
it’s a hard path to follow,
it twists and curves and bends,
our vigilance never ends,
but we will stand with you
as we push ourselves uphill,
because we are comrades too!

Communists all
we can stand tall
with a strong core
of unbending steel
and a solid, iron will.

Steadfast, defiant, true.
We are family. We are kin.
Comrades through and through …
We have a World to Win!
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